Nuvve V2G Hubs

Turning EVs into Flexible Storage

Bridging the Gap Between Energy and Transportation with V2G

Renewable energy sources need storage. EVs have a built-in energy storage system.
V2G technology bridges the gap between these two sectors, and also helps regulate energy on the grid.

Nuvve implements projects that reduce electric fleet costs, improve grid resiliency, better integrate renewable energy sources, and ultimately speed up America’s transition to a decarbonized transportation sector.

Reducing total cost of ownership
Increases utilization of EVs
Transforms EVs into valuable earning assets
Creating energy equity
Contributes to a more resilient grid
Integrates renewable energy in a more reliable way

The Power of V2G Hubs

Nuvve’s V2G Hubs feature leading V2G EV charging technology that precisely manages the charging and discharging of parked EV batteries while also prioritizing vehicle and driver considerations including battery health and charge needs for driving duties.
Nuvve’s system can combine the energy from multiple EV batteries to form virtual power plants to sell energy back to the grid, hedge against energy fluctuations and provide services that help with grid stability, predictability and resiliency. These centers are capable of serving multi-modal electric vehicle fleets from ride-share services to delivery fleets and transit buses while supporting grid stakeholders from utilities to transmission system operators.
Accelerating EV penetration by monetizing increased utilization and TCO reduction
Improving grid resiliency with virtual power plants
Accelerating renewables penetration
Keeping cost of energy equitable
200 buses connected with V2G capability at 125kW would equate to 25MW of capacity
25MW would be capable of reducing peak consumption of 10k homes by 50%

The Clear Partner of Choice

Nuvve’s wealth of global experience in more than 10 countries on 4 continents and charging control and aggregation know-how makes it a clear partner of choice for communities looking to electrify in an intelligent way. When implementing a V2G Hub project, Nuvve’s focus is firmly rooted in meeting the unique mobility, and energy needs and aspirations of the community.
Opportunity to capitalize on a transformational megatrend
Differentiated and proprietary technology
Highly experienced team
Compelling turnkey offering
ESG multiplier

By the Numbers

Global Customers
Global Patents
Including 7 Pending
Utility Partners
Individual Sites Managed
Capacity Under Management
EVSEs Deployed


Launching Taiwan’s First V2G Hub Project
Fresno EOC
Electrifying Fresno EOC Transit Systems’ 50-Shuttle Fleet


"The support and the communication between working with yourself, Rawah, and then all your support staff have been really great. Anytime I've had any questions, not really issues, just questions, it was, "here you go, here's this, here's this."

"Who do we go with? Go with Nuvve. They're there for you."

Keith Kimbrough
Nuvve Customer, Martinsville

"The Nuvve people took me around, showed me different hands-on, real-life situations, not pamphlets, not a sales pitch, but real life, the product out in the world, working and operating the way it should. That made a world of difference for the direction we decided to take."

"Ever since I’ve connected with Nuvve through their sales department on down to customer service after it’s just complete follow through. I can’t imagine. I mean, I feel like Nuvve has just set the bar so high for the other companies that I don’t know how they’re going to compete."

Ken Martinez
Nuvve Customer, Salt Lake City