Launching Taiwan’s First V2G Hub Project

Nuvve is in contract negotiation with Taipower to develop of a state-of-the-art smart parking structure, the first of its kind in the country, underscoring Taiwan’s commitment to sustainable energy and smart infrastructure development.
Nuvve is partnering with e-Formula, a prominent Taiwanese energy solutions provider, to advance this groundbreaking project. e-Formula, known for its expertise in microgrid management and battery technologies, would serve as the project lead for this 95 EV V2G Hub project, and Nuvve is expected to be the technical project manager and service provider. By combining Nuvve’s world-class V2G technology with e-Formula’s extensive experience in energy solutions, this project would set a new standard for sustainable urban transit.
Taiwan Power Company has allocated land in Zhongxiao Road, Hsinchu, for the development of a state-of-the-art smart parking structure. This facility is anticipated to feature 325 parking spaces, some equipped with a mix of V2G and V1G charging stations.

Project Highlights

EV charging facilities for the Hsinchu metro area
Advanced infrastructure for electric vehicle and EVSE certification by Taipower
Generation of valuable real-time market data for policymakers and the Taiwanese government
Utilization of green energy from solar and battery storage for charging services
Involvement of RACEV (Taiwan-based electric bus OEM/operator), with its advanced eBus/eCoach fleet powered by Nuvve’s V2G solution
An intuitive mobile app for EV owners to manage parking and charging spaces

"This project is not just a milestone for Nuvve and e-Formula but a leap forward for Taiwan's EV infrastructure. Our GIVe™ platform stands at the heart of this endeavor, showcasing the immense potential of V2G technology in revolutionizing energy management and EV integration. We are eager to work together in support of the important efforts already underway in Taiwan to combat air pollution."

Gregory Polaisne
Co-Founder and CEO of NVVE