Fresno EOC

Electrifying Fresno EOC Transit Systems’ 50-Shuttle Fleet

In January 2024, Nuvve won a $16M contract with the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission to support Fresno’s vision of a greener future and enhance the overall reliability and effectiveness of its transportation services.
Fresno EOC Transit Systems, renowned for its dedication to community service and environmental stewardship, is embarking on a mission to transition its fleet to electric vehicles. Partnering with Nuvve to implement a V2G hub aligns with the heart of Fresno EOC’s strategy to offer the Fresno community cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable transportation options. This project aims to contribute significantly to the city’s environmental goals by reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

About Fresno EOC

Fresno EOC oversees more than 35 human services programs to help underserved populations in California’s Fresno County become more self-sufficient. It uses its bus fleet to transport community members to and from work, school and medical appointments, deliver meals, and fill other transportation needs to support its mission.

At A Glance

Electric Class A shuttles being deployed at a rate of 10 per year over five years
On-site solar generation and battery energy storage system being installed
State of the Art Micro-Grid
Fully offsets 12MW/1MWH combined vehicle and kitchen energy usage

"This project is crucial, and it’s important for the community to understand our commitment to lowering carbon emissions and advocating for renewable energy. It’s also about raising awareness on energy conservation and tackling climate change. There’s no better method to showcase the financial and environmental benefits than through the implementation of an electrified fleet that exemplifies cutting-edge energy conservation."

Thomas Dulin
Director of Fresno EOC Transit Systems

"Fresno as a community has historically endured poor air quality due to tailpipe emissions from the Los Angeles basin and gas-fired peaker power plants. With the adoption of our cutting-edge electric vehicle software and infrastructure, this project can serve as a model approach for modern, efficient, and eco-friendly public transportation."

Gregory Polaisne
Co-Founder and CEO of NVVE